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Your home is surrounded by concrete. Driveways, walkways and sidewalks all add to the curb appeal of your home when they are clean and bright. Over time, the build-up of dirt and stains such as oil, rust and even decomposing leaves, can turn a once bright surface into a dull and dirty eyesore. Because of the frequency of use and the climate here in North Texas, driveways and sidewalks tends to dull very quickly as dirt and mold build-up. Our driveway and sidewalk cleaning service technicians knows how to remove even the toughest stains out of your driveway or sidewalk leaving behind a brilliantly clean surface that will enhance the curb appeal of your home. Call or submit your request today!

Retail Storefront Pressure Washing

A clean storefront can go a long way in creating a positive customer experience. When a customer feels at ease they are more likely to be in a buying mood, and putting them at ease starts before they even walk in the door. Chances are, your business is surrounded by concrete. From the parking lot and dumpster area, to the sidewalk and entryways the concrete that surrounds your place of business has many opportunities to enhance or detract from your company’s image. When these areas are kept clean, safe and inviting they can be a tremendous asset as nothing says that you are willing to go the “extra mile” for your customers’ experience like clean concrete surfaces.

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Drive-Thru / Convenience Store / Gas Station / Pressure Washing

Many businesses use the drive-thru as a way to interact with their customers. Banks, fast food, dry cleaners and even convenience stores all use drive-thrus to offer fast and easy service to their customers. These areas are heavily used by vehicle, they tend to get real dirty, real fast! Customers and potential customers who visit your business get an impression of the cleanliness of you and your business from the condition of your drive-thru.  Let us make your drive-thru a First Class drive-thru!

Schools and Parks

Playgrounds can house a number of bacteria that can harm children. This can be severe unless playground cleaning and playground sanitation is properly performed, as often as needed, we recommend once a month. We effectively remove the dirt, dead bugs and spider webs, mildew and mold from the playground, as well as disinfect. Allow us to make it a happy place to send the kids to play.

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Picnic Areas

Picnic tables and benches need to be cleaned often, we recommend once a month. They see their fair share of food left behind to create health issues. Power washing can eliminate stains, that gum someone stuck under that park bench, the birds that leave their presence wherever they go, and of course just plain dirt, will plague your park tables and benches. Most people would much rather sit on a clean table or bench. Power washing just once a month will keep your park looking great for years to come.

Apartment/Senior Living

First impressions of your building make a difference in how potential tenants perceive an apartment / senior living buildings and by having the building cleaned and maintained properly it can make an impact on how many units sit empty. We offer pressure washing services that will keep your walkways, driveways and parking areas looking clean and welcoming.

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Our hot water pressure washing and degreasers really enhance the appearance of your sidewalks. We also capture all waste water, and dispose of it properly, leaving nothing but a clean and fresh sidewalk.


Let us use our degreasers and disinfectants to leave your entire dock area clean and sanitized. Your drivers will enjoy dropping their trailers to a nice clean and fresh dock.

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We clean it


You stain it


Commercial Services Includes

  • Bank drive-thru’s
  • Fast food drive thru’s
  • Retail shops
  • Apartments
  • Gas stations & convenience stores
  • Shopping malls & sidewalk
  • Schools
  • Hospital
  • Senior living
  • Warehouse docks
  • And more…